Hilmer Motorsport

Hilmer Motorsport is a German automobile sports team. It occurs since 2013 in the GP2 Series and 2014 in the GP3 series.

GP2 Series

Season 2013

Hilmer Motorsport was founded by the German Franz Hilmer and took over the starting position of Ocean Racing Technology. Franz Hilmer is the owner of Formtech GmbH, which operates, among others, as a supplier of Formula 1 teams in motorsport.

The team started the season with the drivers Conor Daly and Pål Varhaug. During 2011 Varhaug had already denied a season in the GP2 Series, Daly was a rookie and came out of the GP3 series. After just one weekend and although Daly in the second race in Malaysia to import the first points for Hilmer, Daly was Frijns - the champion of the 2012 Formula Renault won 3.5 - replaced. Frijns signed initially only for the race in Bahrain. After the race weekend in Bahrain also Varhaug was replaced. He was replaced by Jon Lancaster, who has already played a race for Ocean Racing Technology in the 2012 season. Frijns retained for the time being his cockpit, but always signed only one race. On the third weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, the team succeeded the first victory. Frijns won ahead of Felipe Nasr and his teammate Lancaster. In the sprint race the following day Frijns was starting from eighth second. After three more race weekends Frijns in Hungary was replaced by Adrian Quaife - Hobbs, who played the previous season for MP Motorsport. Quaife - Hobbs finished the season at Hilmer, his best result was a victory in the sprint race at Monza. Jon Lancaster was replaced after five race weekends once by Frijns, the cockpit got back, however, and drove the remaining three race weekends.

At the end of the season Hilmer Motorsport had retracted 155 points and was in the team standings to sixth position.

2014 season

In November 2013 Hilmer Abbot Daniel, who was driving for ART Grand Prix earlier in the GP2 series, announced as first driver for the 2014 season. In early February confirmed Hilmer Facu Regalia as a second driver. Regalia had become second in the GP3 Series in the season before. In addition, the team works from the 2014 season with Force India and goes with the paint at the start.

GP3 Series

Mid- March 2014 announced Himer Motorsport that it takes over the starting place of Bamboo Engineering in the GP3 Series. As in the GP2 Series GP3 the commitment is part of the funding of Force India.

In early April, Hilmer Ivan Taranov known as the first driver.