Hinduja Group

The Hinduja Group is an Indian conglomerate.

The Hinduja Group employs more than 35,000 employees and operates in more than sixty countries, including in the financial market, the telecommunications sector, as well as in the film and oil industry.


Owner of the group are the brothers Srichand Hinduja ( born November 28, 1935 Shikarpur, India), Gopichand Hinduja (* February 29, 1940 ), Prakash Hinduja and Ashok Hinduja. The Sunday Times " Rich List " estimates of their total assets to 6.2 billion pounds.


The company was founded by Paramanand Deep Chand Hinduja (* 1901 Shikarpur, † 1971), the father of the Hinduja brothers founded. He opened 1919, lending and trading business in Tehran. The Hinduja family then worked until 1979 mainly in Iran. Even before the Revolution, they left Iran. Srichand and Gopichand emigrated to London, where she extensions the export company of her father on. Prakash now lives in Geneva, Ashok in Mumbai.

Company of Hinduja group

The private bank Merck Finck & Co was founded in 1870 in Germany to advise and manage larger and large estates with headquarters in Munich and about 25 offices in May 2010 as a subsidiary of Kredietbank SA Luxembourgeoise (KBL ) along with this for a total of 1.35 billion euros from KBC Group in Brussels sold to the Hinduja Group.

Activities and involvements

In the 90s, was thrown to the Hinduja brothers from the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI ) in connection with a shipment of 400 howitzers worth 1.8 billion U.S. dollars by the Swedish Bofors Group to the Government of India ( Bofors - scandal ), to have received commission payments of 7 million U.S. dollars. In 2005, this charge was dropped after eight years of investigation by the Supreme Court of the Indian.

When the vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland, part of the Hinduja Group, headquartered in India and directed by Ashok Hinduja, the Sudanese government supplied, it came in the UK to conflict. Some of the Managing Director of the Indian company were British citizen or resident in the United Kingdom, the transactions carried out with Sudan but not with the British arms legislation compatible.

The family founded foundations, Hinduja Foundation, for charitable purposes in India, the United Kingdom and the United States, which involved worldwide in the areas of health, education, culture and sports.