Hinggan League

Hinggan a covenant is in the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. The Hinggan Association has an area of ​​59,806 km ² and about 1.62 million inhabitants ( end of 2002). Its capital is Ulanhot. Its administrative area bordered to the north by the city of Hulun Buir, in the west to the state and the Mongolia Xilin Gol -Bund, on the south by the Tongliao City and on the east by the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang. Its name is derived from woody Great Hinggan Mountains (大兴安岭) derived that pervades the federal government from northwest to southeast.

Administrative Divisions

The Hinggan collar consists of two independent cities, a circle and three banners:

  • City Ulanhot (乌兰浩特 市), 772 km ², 280,000 inhabitants;
  • City Arxan (阿尔山 市), 7409 km ², 50,000 inhabitants;
  • Circle Tuquan (突泉县), capital: greater community Tuquan (突 泉镇), 4800 km ², 300,000 inhabitants;
  • Front Horqin Banner of the Right Wing (科尔沁 右翼 前 旗), capital: greater community Daban Gou (大坝 沟镇), 19,375 km ², 360,000 inhabitants;
  • Middle Horqin Banner Right Wing (科尔沁 右翼 中 旗), capital: greater community Bayan Huxu (白 音 呼 硕 镇), 15,613 km ², approximately 240,000 inhabitants;
  • Jalaid banner (扎赉特旗), capital: greater community Yinder (音 德尔 镇), 11,837 km ², 390,000 inhabitants.

Ethnic structure of the population of the Hinggan Association ( 2000)

According to the 2000 census, the Hinggan League had 1,588,787 inhabitants ( population density: 26,57 inhabitants / km ²).