Hip House

As a Hip House music style of electronic dance music is called, which is considered as a crossover genre, because it combines elements mainly from house and hip -hop together. For the first time known by name was this style in 1988, but their popularity stayed only briefly and already ended back in the early 1990s.


The genre Hip House comprises a relatively wide range of stylistic elements and overlaps with other directions. The basis was borrowed from the House of rhythm in four-four time. Also typical are like the bass and the piano chords. The existing of several verses in English Chanting ( rap), however, was taken from the hip hop. Track this genre also make heavy use of samples that either individually or may occur as a loop. For Hip House as especially typical samples are viewed as the break- sample of Lyn Collins ' " Think", but also a one bar part with a tambourine sample in the sixteenth rhythm, as well as staccato, pitched screams existing vocal samples (eg B. " Whoo - Yeah", this sample is part of the original " Think" breaks ).


Hip House was a relatively short fad, but still in the late 1980s gained high popularity and celebrated commercial successes during this time. So Tyree Cooper's " Turn Up the Bass" was ever broadcast as one of the first pieces of House as a music video on MTV. The success did not take long, and Hip House disappeared in the 1990s quickly disappeared from public perception. At the present time this style of music is reissued propagated in the clubs. Especially in Hip Hop Clubs Hip House is played in the early morning hours to the visitors again right to heat up.

Famous Artists

Popular was the hip-house genre by the artist Fast Eddie, the eponymous single, " Hip House " produced in 1988. The top of the popularity reached with Hip House Tyree Cooper's " Turn Up The Bass" with rapper Kool Rock Steady, which also appeared in 1988. The hip- hop group Jungle Brothers published with "I'll House You" a hip- house track. Jason Nevins produced, inter alia, hip-house remix of Run DMC's " Tricky " and Cypress Hills " Insane In The Brain". More songs and artists that can be assigned to the Hip House, are "We call it Acieed " by D Mob, published in 1989, and " Wiggle It" by " 2 in a Room " appeared in 1990.