Hippocampus (mythology)

A hippocampus ( Germanized ) or Hippokampos (Greek ἱππόκαμπος of ἵππος "horse" and κάμπος "Monster" ) - in Latinized spelling Hippocamp - is a mythical creature, a horse front, rear a fish. In representations of Greek mythology - such as on coins - it is presented as a train or mount various sea gods. The front part has sometimes wings, the rear portion of fish with dorsal fin is often curled up like a snake.

Many Gondolas are decorated on both sides of the passenger compartment with hippocamps. Hippocamps occur in the Aegean Sea, in the second act of Faust II in the scene creeks. From them the Seahorses have its Latin genus name Hippocampus. In heraldry, both the seahorse and the seahorse is a heraldic animal.