Hiri Motu language

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  • Pidgin Motu based Hiri Motu




Hiri Motu (also Police Motu, Motu Pidgin ) is an application based on the Motu language pidgin language that is next to Tok Pisin and English is one of three national languages ​​of Papua New Guinea.


The language evolved from the trade language of the resident in the province of Central Motu. Especially the role as the language of the colonial police and as a trade language spread language on the actual tribal area beyond.

The language was also influenced by English, Tok Pisin, and Polynesian languages. However derive about 90 percent of the vocabulary of the Motu language.

There have, according to Ethnologue two dialects, Austronesisches Hiri Motu Hiri Motu and Papua America developed.

Current situation

She's depending on the information 120000-200000 spokesman, va in the southern part of the country, the former British colony. The vast majority of speakers use the language as a second or as a lingua franca. There are few native speakers. About 6 percent of the population can read and write the language.

Today Hiri Motu is also used in Parliament. In the state radio, there are some programs on Hiri Motu. As a lingua franca Hiri Motu loses against Tok Pisin important.