Hirofumi Nakasone

Hirofumi Nakasone (Japanese中 曽 根 弘文, Nakasone Hirofumi, born November 28, 1945 in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture) is a Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party ( LDP), a member of the Sangiin, the House of Lords, and was from September 2008 to September 2009 Foreign Minister of his country. Within the LDP, he belongs to the Ibuki faction.


Nakasone is the eldest son of former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and LDP chairman. After completing his studies at Keio University, he worked from 1968 for Asahi Kasei KK (English Asahi Chemical Corp.)..

In 1983, Secretary of the Prime Minister Nakasone, his father. In the election of 1986, he was first elected for the LDP to Sangiin and there since then four times re-elected. Within the party, he joined the Nakasone faction of his father's, after their subsequent resolution then the Watanabe - Kamei faction, today's Ibuki faction.

For the first time in 1990 was State Secretary in the MITI Nakasone, in the accompanying Sangiin Committee he took over in 1993 for the first time in the chair. He was appointed as Minister of Education and Head of the Department of Science and Technology in the Cabinet Obuchi in 1999 and remained until the 2000 election Shūgiin - minister.

In 2005, Nakasone to a group of Sangiin deputies who had as his ex- Shizuka Kamei Faktionsvorsitzender voted against the postal privatization law of Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichirô. However, he gave his consent to the law, after the Koizumi Shūgiin, the lower house dissolved and there, was expelled from the LDP, the opponents of privatization, the so-called "rebels".

In September 2008, Nakasone appointed as Foreign Minister Taro Aso in his first cabinet, where he remained until retirement in September 2009.

Nakasone is also Honorary Vice President of the Japanese Association of Athletics Federations Nihon Rikuren.