Hiroyuki Takei

Hiroyuki Takei (Japanese武 井 宏 之Takei Hiroyuki, born May 15, 1972 in Yomogita, Aomori Prefecture) is a Japanese manga artist who was best known for his manga Shaman King.


Hiroyuki Takei's career began with the Dōjin - Series SD Hyakkaten, which he published in a fanzine. In 1993 he took part in a competition run by the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump manga, but could not convince the jury of his talent. With no Itako Anna a year later won the Tezuka Award.

As winner of the competition, he obtained Nobuhiro Watsukis attention and could work with Eiichiro Oda ( One Piece ) with him as an assistant on the series Rurouni Kenshin. In the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump Takei published in 1997 his first series, Butsu Zone. In 1998, he began with the Shaman King, which was very successful, was made into an anime series and translated into several languages. He finished the series in 2004, but started 2012 with Shaman King Flowers a sequel.

His works deal with spiritual themes. Spirits and shamans play an important role in his works.


  • Hyakkaten SD (SD百货店)
  • Sabaki no Kaminari (裁き の 雷)
  • Doragu Doll Dan (ドラグ ドール 団, Doragu Doru Dan )
  • Itako no Anna ( ItakoのANNA, 1994)
  • Desu Zero (デスゼロ, Desu Zero )
  • Butsu Zone (仏 ゾーン, Butsu Zon, 1997)
  • Shaman King (シャーマンキング, Shaman Kingu; 1998-2004)
  • Exotica (エキゾチカ, Ekizochika; 2003)
  • Juki Ningen Yunboru (重機 人間 ユンボル, Juki Ningen Yunboru; 2007)
  • Karakuri Doji Ultimo (机巧 童子ULTIMO; since 2008; Concept: Stan Lee)
  • Jumbor (ユンボル- Jumbor - since 2010 )
  • Shaman King Flowers (シャーマンキングFLOWERS; since 2012 )