Hirzenbach is a district in the Swiss city of Zurich in Zone 12 ( Schwamendingenstrasse ). With the quarters Schwamendingenstrasse middle and Saatlen Hirzenbach forms the urban district 12


Hirzenbach was up in the forties of the last century, very sparsely populated, mainly because of the swampy soil. Due to the melioration of the soil and the living scarcity in the city center continued from 1950 a large building boom, which was completed at the end of the sixties. Especially small and cheap cooperative apartments are located in the Quartier Hirzenbach. Industry or industry, there are hardly in Hirzenbach.

Local structure

In the north the plain forms the boundary of the district of the municipality of Wallisellenstrasse. To the east of the district lies the settlement Mattenhof, which forms a border with the municipality Dübendorf. In the south, the heavily forested Weibel field at Zurich mountain is the boundary with the district Fluntern. The Winterthur, Roswiesen, Stettbachstrasse and Franzosenweg form the border of the district Schwamendingenstrasse center.

To the east of the district is situated the leisure and sports facilities Heerenschürli. Part of the sport fields are but on the territory of the municipality Dübendorf. On the various soccer fields to train the FC Schwamendingenstrasse and many youth football teams of the club.


Private transport

In the north of the district, the A1 motorway runs. The heavily traveled overland, Winterthur and Dübendorferstrasse shape the image of the neighborhood. Hirzenbach was one of the first districts in the city of Zurich, which was traffic calmed by Tempo 30 zones and the associated structural measures.

Public transportation

By 1985, the Hirzenbach was tethered only by the bus numbers 62, 64, 72 and 79 to the public transport network. Although the Schwamendinger voters rejected the tram project at the ballot box, it was realized and started its operation on 1 February 1986. Since then Hirzenbach is connected by the VBZ Tram lines 7 and 9 with the Zurich downtown. Bus routes 94, 759, 787 (stop Altried ) and 743, 751, 760, 787, 796 (stop Dübendorf ) provide access to the neighboring communities. From the lying just outside the district station Dübendorf one arrives by train in downtown Zurich.