His Eminence

Eminence (Latin eminere: " stick out " or eminence: " increase ") is the salutation of protocol of the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church and ancient Near Eastern bishops.

In detail it reads " His Eminence the Most Reverend Cardinal ... ( ancient Near Eastern: Metropolitan / Bishop ) ... ".

She was originally - since the 7th century - honorary title or salutation of the cardinals and bishops of the salutation, the salutation reverence to the latter (later Excellence ) received.

Also one titled as the spiritual electors and the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, after Pope Urban VIII had given the title Eminence the Cardinals already on 10 June 1630, the previously Illustrissimi were called (Latin for " the illustrious " ) and since then in their emblems and seals had all the badges of worldly authority and power which formerly gebührten them as members of princely houses omit.