The abbreviation HIS stands for:

  • Hamburg Institute for Social Research, a social science and contemporary research center
  • Heroes in the Sky, Massively Multiplayer Online Game
  • Manufacturers ' Software Initiative, an initiative of German carmaker
  • Hightech Information System, a manufacturer of graphics cards
  • Notice and information system in the insurance industry, see Uniwagnis
  • H · I · S Textil GmbH, see HIS ( Jeans)
  • Histidine, an amino acid
  • Highly integrated switchgear
  • Higher education information system, a service for universities
  • Timber Switzerland, the umbrella organization of the Swiss sawyers and related businesses
  • Hospital Information System, see hospital information system
  • Hotel Information Systems

In music, His is a reinterpretation of the tone C, see Enharmonic

His is the surname of the following persons:

  • Wilhelm His ( anatomist ) ( 1831-1904 ), Swiss anatomist
  • Wilhelm His ( Internist ) ( 1863-1934 ), German Internist

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