Hisham III of Córdoba

Hisham III. ibn Muhammad al -Mu ʿ tad bi- llah (Arabic هشام بن محمد المعتد بالله, DMG Hisham b Muḥammad al -Mu ʿ tad bi- llāh; . † 1036 ) was Caliph of Córdoba from 1026 to 1031.

Hisham III. was reached after long negotiations between the governors of the boundary markers and the population of Córdoba chosen as the brother of Abd ar -Rahman IV in 1026 as the new caliph. However, he was able to move in Córdoba until December 1029 when the city was occupied by the troops of the Berber Hammudiden.

Although he tried to consolidate the empire, but led the imposition of new taxes (including mosques ) for the violent opposition of the Muslim legal scholars. After the assassination of his vizier al - Hakam by a conspiracy of the patricians of Córdoba Hisham III was. 1031 imprisoned. Although succeeded Hisham III. to escape, but he died in 1036 as the last of the Umayyad completely powerless in exile in the Hudiden in Lleida.

With Hisham III. ended the Caliphate of Córdoba; it began the period of the Taifa kingdoms ( 1031-1092 ).