Stutz beetle

The Stutz beetle ( Histeridae ) are a family of beetles ( Coleoptera).


The beetles are 0.5 to 20 millimeters long and have a chitinisierten hard, clumsy, mostly flat and curved cylindrical body. They are often brightly colored and black. Some types wear dark or reddish-brown spots. The shortened elytra have one or two abdominal segments uncovered. The short antennae are 8 to 11 -membered, clearly angled and have one to three segments thickened at the end of a strongly clavate. The head is retractable mostly in the chest. Her legs are usually short, their tarsi have either five limbs, or on the hind legs only four.

Way of life

Stutz beetle expire at risk in a state of rigidity ( Thanatose ). Antennae and legs are thereby drawn into appropriate pits. The legs are designed to grave legs, with the perforation, particularly the front rails, in the course of their lives clearly wears in older beetles.

Beetles and larvae are predators and provide other insects and their larvae. You live for example in carcasses, excreta (eg four spot buffoon), under bark ( Hololepta plana ) on effluent tree sap, some in nests of birds, burrows of rodents or myrmekophil in Ameisenbauten ( Hetaerius ferrugineus ) or in bark beetle transitions to recreate the bark beetles here.


Worldwide, about 3,900 species and 330 genera have been described. In Europe, about 314 species and sub- species occur, of which 32 genera with about 100 species in turn are native to Central Europe. In Germany it come before 83 species.

The following list gives an overview of the present in Europe subfamilies and genera.

Family Histeridae

Subfamily Abraeinae

  • Abraeus
  • Chaetabraeus
  • Spelaeabraeus
  • Acritus
  • Aeletes
  • Halacritus
  • Iberacritus
  • Eubrachium
  • Plegaderus
  • Pleuroleptus
  • Teretrius

Subfamily Dendrophilinae

  • Anapleus
  • Abraeomorphus
  • Bacanius
  • Cyclobacanius
  • Sardulus
  • Triballodes
  • Dendrophilus
  • Kissister
  • Carcinops
  • Diplostix
  • Eutriptus
  • Paromalus
  • Platylomalus
  • Xestipyge

Subfamily Haeteriinae

  • Eretmotus
  • Haeterius
  • Satrapes
  • Sternocoelis

Subfamily Histerinae

  • Canarinus
  • Phelister
  • Atholus
  • Eudiplister
  • Hister Vierfleck - juggler ( Hister quadrimaculatus )
  • Pachylister inaequalis
  • Stutz flattened beetle ( Hololepta plana )

Subfamily Onthophilinae

  • Epiechinus
  • Glymma
  • Onthophilus

Subfamily Saprininae

  • Chalcionellus
  • Euspilotus
  • Exaesiopus
  • Gnathoncus
  • Hypocacculus
  • Hypocaccus
  • Myrmetes
  • Pholioxenus
  • Saprinus Common Stutz beetle ( Saprinus semistriatus )

Subfamily Tribalinae

  • Epierus
  • Pseudepierus
  • Tribalus