Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park is located in Summit County in the U.S. state of Utah. The state park extends over a distance of 45 kilometers on the former railway embankment of Park City on Wanship and Coalville to Echo Reservoir, sometimes in parallel adjacent to Interstate 80

The Coalville and Echo Railroad began in 1869 with the construction of a railway line from Echo to the coal mines at Coalville. The project never got beyond the production of the substructure. 1873 took over the Founded in 1871, Summit County Railroad these systems and built on a narrow gauge railway with a track width of 914 mm (3 feet). After silver ore was discovered in Park City, built by the Society in 1881, a standard gauge railway line in this city. At the same time, the existing route between Echo and Coalville was converted to standard gauge. In the same year the Union Pacific Railroad founded the Echo and Park City Railway and took over the already controlled by the Union Pacific Summit County Railroad.

Over 100 years later, the Union Pacific Railroad laid in 1989, the track still. The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park was opened in 1992 as the first rail trail in Utah, which is exclusively reserved for non-motorized traffic. This includes walking, cycling and horse riding as when snow conditions in winter, cross-country skiing.

Previously, both tracks and sleepers were removed and historical fencing at the outer edge of the embankments and thus of the state parks added to the boundaries to the adjacent farmland to be clearly marked. The nature of the surface is different. Here, a trestle bridge, 15 historic wooden bridges and 100 culverts to be crossed.

The line profile has a slope of 2 degrees on average, with 2100 m and 1600 m in Park City in Echo Reservoir. Along the state parks are among other pastures and wetlands, in Silver Creek Canyon can herons and bald eagles, elk and deer, and fox and beaver are observed