History of the Lombards

The Historia gentis Langobardorum ( History of the Lombards ) is the main work of the Lombard monk Paul the Deacon, written in the late 8th century to the end of his life.


The incomplete history in six books was written after 787, and in no event later than 796, possibly in Montecassino. It describes the history of the Lombards from their mythical beginnings to the death of King Liutprand 744 and contains much information about the Byzantine Empire, the Franks and others. The story is told from the perspective of a Lombard patriot and particularly describing the relations between Franks and Lombards. The sources used Paul the Deacon, the Origo Gentis Langobardorum, the Liber Pontificalis, the lost Historiola of Secundus of Trent and also lost annals of Benevento. He made free use of the Venerable Bede, Gregory of Tours and Isidore of Seville.


There are about a hundred manuscripts of the Historia. It was often used by later writers, was often supplemented and printed for the first time in 1514 in Paris. The best Latin edition was by Ludwig Bethmann and Georg Waitz in the Scriptores rerum et langobardicarum Italicarum the Monumenta Historica Germaniae published (Hannover, 1878). Now also Lidia Capo (ed.), Storia dei Longobardi, Milan: Fondazione Lorenzo Valla (1992).


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