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Hitra is a commune (municipality ) of the Province of Central Norway Sør- Trøndelag, consisting mainly of the island of Hitra, which is upstream of the Trondheim Fjord, there. The main town of the municipality is Fillan.

The name Hitra goes back to Old Norse HITR or Hitrar what " separated from the mainland " means something.


The island Hitra is with respect to their size in seventh place in Norway (excluding Svalbard ). The area of ​​the island is 571.5 kilometers ², but the entire community is 680 km ². The highest point is called Mørkdalstuva and is located at 345 moh. on the west side of the island. In 1982 the interior of the island is a 40 km ² nature reserve set up, which is characterized by swamps and heaths. Apart from the main island, there are still some 2500 other small islands and rocks in the community. These are mostly uninhabited.


In 7000 the well waters of the island romp, especially trout and arctic char. Noteworthy is the large deer herd on the island, which is one of the largest in Northern Europe. By granting hunting licenses arise for the community also serious income. 600 to 800 deer are shot each year. In addition, there are smaller populations of deer and elk.


Archaeological excavations have been found remains of dwellings from the older and younger Stone Age. In 1998 they found a 15 meter long house from the time of the migration. What is certain is that 1500 years ago there were ten to twelve farms on the island.

Around the 13th century, the first stave church was built and the oldest existing building is the church of Dolm, which probably originated in the late Middle Ages. To this church many legends. For example, it is claimed that on the building a curse, so that the church should burn down every hundred years. It is clear that they have been burned four times, namely in 1709, 1772, 1848 and 1920.


The company operates ferry services, among others Kystekspressen to Trondheim. In addition, a tunnel link exists to the mainland through the tunnel Hitratunnelen with a length of 5610 m.


The life of the community has always been shaped by the sea. There was, for example, large whaling stations that are now being decommissioned. For an industrial salmon farming takes place. From Hitra and the neighboring island of Frøya comes a fifth of Norwegian salmon production. Located on the island of processing factory for crab is the largest of its kind in the world.

2004 here the largest wind farm in Norway was inaugurated with 24 rotors.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Rita Ottervik (* 1966), politician (Ap)