Hiwi al-Balkhi

Chiwi al - Balkhi (Hebrew חיוי אל - בלכי ) was - according to the research opinion - Jewish or Gnostic- Christian exegete and biblical critics in Balch ( Persia ), probably towards the end of the 9th century AD.


He put it ( the original not complete, only about half, surviving or reconstructed ) 200 formulated in rhyme objections against the divine origin of the Bible. His work has been described as the first known example of non-liturgical medieval Hebrew poetry. It is recorded a Hebrew, rhyming fragment from the Cairo Geniza. The work is written in Arabic but in Hebrew, have been likewise accessible to Islamic theologians. The work was widely and provoked the ire of both rabbis as Karaites. Balkhis " questions " beat for example, prior interpretations of "miracles" in phenomena on the basis of natural phenomena. The content is through various refutations, inter alia, also Abū ʿ Imraan al - Tiflisi, Salmon b. Yeruḥim, Samuel ben Chofni, deducible. Saadiah b. Joseph Gaon replied even in a separate pamphlet. Chiwis epithet was reformed by Ibn Ezra in contempt in al - Kalbi ( " Hiwi the dog ").

Furthermore, fragments of other works are known.

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