HK Alfa (Sarajevo)

The HK Sarajevo (until 2012 HK Alfa Novo Sarajevo) is an ice hockey club from Novo Sarajevo, a municipality of the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The club was founded in 2003 and participates with the men's team Medvjedi (Eng. "bear " ) at the Bosnian - Herzegovinian Hockey League. Like all other teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina reflects the club 's games in the Olympic Hall Zetra in Sarajevo.


Due to the Bosnian war it was after the first season of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian league a few years no other championships. It was not until the 2009/10 season took the club to its first championship in part, but could win only three out of ten games and finished third of the three participating teams. In the following season 2010/11 HK Alfa already reached the second place by four participants, but moved in the play-off final against HK Bosna lose out. In the cup competition, the copper Jaroslav Jandourek would retire after a defeat from in the first game.