HK Lokomotiv Moscow

  • Master of Klass B 1949 1971
  • Spengler Cup winner in 1967, 1969

The HK Lokomotiv Moscow (Russian ХК Локомотив Москва ) was the hockey department of the Russian sports club Lokomotiv Moscow, which was disbanded in 1983.


The club was founded in 1947 as a department of Hockey Lokomotiv Moscow, the Moscow Sports Club of the railwaymen. In the season 's first team participated for the first time in the game operation of the second-class Klass B and reached the fourth place in the Central - season. In 1949 she won the champion of the second division and rose to the Klass A.

Under the leadership of coach Alexander Nowokreschtschenow the team reached in his debut season in twelfth place, but rose again so that in the second division. Mid-1950s was Anatoly Kostrjukow head coach of the club, at the same time also oversaw the youth teams of the USSR. With the increase in the first league to 15 teams of HK Lokomotiv Moscow was included again in 1955 in the Klass A. In the season 1960/61, the men's team took third place in the Klass A - thus succeeded the best finish in club history. Among the main players of this time was the trio Viktor Yakushev, Nikolai Snetkov and Viktor Zyplakow which also played together in the Soviet national team. in the season 1964/65 with 28 goals Viktor Zyplakow was top scorer in the first division, while Viktor Yakushev was elected to the All-Star team.

In the late 1960s, Valentin Kosin was one of the best players of the club and are often placed among the goalscorers the first division. 1970, the club rose in the second league, which then Klass A Group 1 was called, from. A year later, managed to rise again in the first division.

In the season 1971/72, the last in the top league, Lokomotiv Moscow won only five of the 32 season games and got down into the second division. From 1978, the sports palace Sokolniki has been renovated and locomotive had to move for three years in the Moskvich Sports Palace.

At the end of the 1982/83 season the Hockey department was disbanded because it gave him many Moscow clubs and Hockey locomotive was no longer funded due to lack of popularity and audience.


The team won in 1971 the title of the second highest Soviet division and thus was promoted to the first division. Previously, the team was already at the Spengler Cup in 1967 and 1969 to celebrate successes when they won the prestigious tournament, respectively.

Well-known former players

  • Viktor Yakushev
  • Nikolai Snetkov
  • Viktor Zyplakow
  • Yevgeny Zimin
  • Boris Petrovich Mikhailov
  • Kryuchkov Vladimir Nikolaevich
  • Yevgeny Mischakow
  • Alexander Pashkov
  • Nikolai Semenovich Epschtein
  • Yuri Zizinow