The Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set ( HKSCS abbreviated, Chinese香港 增补 字符 集on German about: Extra Hong Kong character set) is an extension of Big5 encoding, which contains 4,941 additional characters for Cantonese. It is a further development of the Government Chinese Character Set and was at first, later only used in government agencies and the general public.


Due to the large differences between Chinese and Cantonese high the Hong Kong government in 1995 recognized the demand for a Cantonese character set, which would facilitate electronic communication in this language, as Big5 did not contain these characters.

Subsequently, the Government Chinese Character Set (政府 通用 字库) was developed, which consists of various Chinese characters that are used in Hong Kong. The sentence was not very well organized.

Then the HKSCS - 1999 standard was developed. After the use of rose, the character set in 2001, 2004 and 2008 has been revised. Since 2004, all signs of the HKSCS standards are also encoded in Unicode, before the characters in the custom field has been encoded.


Windows Vista can represent innately the HKSCS. For Windows 2000 and XP, a patch is available, the code page 950 is replaced by a code page 951, in addition to the information encoded in the code page 950 characters and the HKSCS characters encoded. However, the supplied fonts cause conflicts with other programs and scripts.

Linux supports HKSCS glibc since 2000, but the standard is still at the level of 1999.

Mac OS X 10.0 also implements support for HKSCS.