HKW Chemnitz-Nord


The CHP plant Chemnitz- Nord is a located in the north of the city of Chemnitz lignite- fired thermal power station with an installed capacity of 230 megawatts.


The power plant was built under the name " thermal power station north I" from 1957. The foundation stone was laid on 30 April 1959. The first generating unit went on December 1, 1961 to the network. A total of three sets of machines were installed with a capacity of 25 megawatts. The power plant was used to power the city Chemnitz and put district heating for about 14,000 households available. The " thermal power station north I" was taken out of operation on 4 April 1997.

As part of the expansion of the city, which was marked in 1974 by the establishment of large-scale residential Fritz Heckert, a further increase in heat and energy needs became apparent. To meet this took place on 9 October 1981, the foundation stone of the " thermal power station Nord II ", which first gave heat to the district heating network of the city on 5 December 1986. By 1990, three blocks with a capacity of 160 megawatts were taken for heat dissipation and each 60 megawatts of electric power in operation. 1995/erfolgte the installation of flue gas desulphurisation. 2008/ 09 a 100 MW extraction condensing turbine was installed, which replaces a conventional back-pressure turbines. To generate electricity and heat generation are a total of 3 blocks available. The blocks B and C are fired with domestic lignite. The A block can optionally be operated with natural gas or light fuel oil.

The power is supplied via the substations Chemnitz Chemnitz Glösa and - center on the 110- kV high-voltage level in the power distribution providers network mbH Chemnitz.

According to the Federal Environment Agency in 2011 amounted to emissions of 1.22 million tonnes of CO2.

The power plant is currently operated by the one power in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG.


During the construction of the thermal power station Nord II took place on 9 October 1981, the foundation stone was laid for a new power plant chimney. This was built up in 1984. It is cityscape formative with a height of 301.80 meters and also the tallest structure in Saxony.

As part of an art project by the French artist Daniel Buren, the chimney was an existing seven color sections colorful paint until 8 October 2013. The arrangement of colors was from bottom to top in alphabetical order.

The chimney should be illuminated at night by a spirally wound around the chimney LED chain. According to one energy the chimney is already the highest work of art in the world.