HMailServer is a mail server for Windows.

HMailServer tried all the essential functions of a mail server in an easy to install and configure summarize program. The program has been completely programmed in C and is in constant active development. The version 4 and all versions 5.3 of hMailServer are open source and licensed under the GPL.

HMailServer used to store all configurations a database, optionally can be either MySQL, MSSQL or PostgreSQL can be used. In the event that you have not made any separate database installation on the mail server, hMailServer provides the ability to perform a minimal installation MSSQL. The installation is done via a Windows Installer, the configuration through a graphical user interface. This hMailServer is very user-friendly to install and no special system requirements and to maintain. Since all configuration parameters are stored in a database, an Administration is also possible via a web interface.


  • Manage multiple domains
  • Optional Active Directory integration for e- mail accounts
  • Support for POP3, IMAP and SMTP
  • Some anti - spam features, integration of SpamAssassin
  • Integration of virus scanners, ClamWin particular
  • Access control depending on the IP address range
  • Multilingualism
  • Simple and clear configurations via a graphical user interface
  • Retrieval from external POP3 mailboxes possible

Currently, the development focused on providing a interface for integrating VB scripts, better filtering options and different configuration options for administrators and users.

The developer recommends as Webmail SquirrelMail system, for which there is also an extra modified and adapted to hMailServer version.