(Sometimes also called Nebi, * to 710/715, † 785/788 ) Hnabi was Alamannic Count or Duke.

He was the son of the Alemanni Prince Huoching, which in turn was a son of the Duke Gotfrid, probably belonged to the family of Agilolfinger. Hnabi belonged to 724 next to Count Berthold, the progenitor of the Ahalolfinger, one of the founders of the monastery of Reichenau. In Reichenauer brotherhood book he carries the title comes ( "Count ").

With his wife Here Wind Hnabi had at least two children:

  • Road Bert (Robert I. ), from 770 Graf Hegau
  • Imma † 784/786, married to Gerold of Anglachgau ( Gerold Onen ): their daughter was Hildegard ( 758-783 ), the wife of Charlemagne.