Hnilec (village)

Hnilec ( Hniletz German, Hungarian Nyilas - to 1907 Nagyhnilec ) is a city and a municipality in Okres Ves ( Košice kraj ) in eastern Slovakia, with a population of 446 (as at 31 December 2011).


The municipality is located in the valley of the same river in the Slovak Ore Mountains, more specifically, between the bases Volovské and Slovak Paradise Hills, 23 kilometers from Ves and 32 kilometers from Rožňava.

To the municipality next to the main town of the district also includes Delava.


The town was founded by miners and appears in 1290 for the first time in a document. In the 14th and 15th century, ran a silver ore mine, with main export to Poland. In addition to mining and forestry and weaving were well developed in the 19th century there were iron works. 1828 there were 30 houses and 218 inhabitants. During the time of the monarchy, the place was divided between the counties Zips and Gemer, with the river as a border.

After 1918, the date the Kingdom of Hungary lying place came to Czechoslovakia; 1926, both parts were combined and were, as before the Zipser part, to the city Ves as one of its districts. In 1954 it came to the spin-off and formation of the church today.


  • Pseudo- Gothic Roman Catholic Virgin church from the years 1894-1897
  • Chapel from the 19th century
  • Baroque country palace from the 18th century

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