HNK Suhopolje

HNK Suhopolje is a Croatian football club from the city Suhopolje.


In Suhopolje the football club Olimpija Suhopolje was founded in 1912. Under this name they played until 1916. By the year 1923, the football club a new rested in the city before under the name Tomislav Suhopolje was founded. During the Second World War, the soccer management has become increasingly difficult and it was decided to 1942-1948 again with the football to rest. In the third approach, the club has now been baptized NK Mladost Suhopolje. In 1958, there comes the merger with SD Partizan Suhopolje. Until 1991, it then played under the name of Partizan. During the war in Croatia efforts were made to maintain the operation of gambling. In 1991, it its ancient name Mladost again, was annexed to the then main sponsor. After only one year under the name of PIK Mladost the locals 127th Brigade had the honor to be mentioned in the club name. So called up from 1992 NK Mladost 127 Suhopolje.

Under this name we also had the greatest success. Finally, we played three years in the first Croatian league ( 1 HNL).

In 2001 we changed so far for the last time his name, since you called HNK Suhopolje ( Croatian football club Suhopolje ).

In the 2007 /08 season they managed to climb again in the second Croatian league.