Ho trai

As Hor Trai ( Thai: หอไตร ) refers to a library building in a Wat, the Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Each Raja Khana ( head of part of the monks, see: Kuti ( stamp) ) has its Hor Trai; has a multiple Wat Raja Khana, we find a corresponding number of library buildings.

Hor Trai may have different sizes and designs.

The scriptures of the Tripitaka were centuries written on palm leaves. Since it is difficult to protect the sensitive bundle of palm leaf manuscripts from moisture and termites, to set the building on piles, so that the room some 3 m above the bookcases above the ground. Because of the ants are preferred brickwork, sometimes relocated to the library even in artificial ponds.

The individual leaves of a holy scripture, about 50 cm long and 4-6 cm wide, are perforated, so that about 20 to 40 pages can be strung on a cord. The entire work is kept compressed between two teak boards and wrapped with a cloth in special bookcases. These bookcases are usually designed artistically, with mother of pearl inlays or drawings in gold on black lacquer. Particularly successful examples are on display in the National Museum in Bangkok.