Hoffmann 2CV

The Hoffmann 2CV Convertible is a conversion based on the Citroën 2CV (also called duck).

Wolfgang Hoffmann developed the design in 1988 and the first prototype. The convertible conversion is designed as a kit and so many were fashioned Hoffmann 2CV Convertible own. By late 2007, but also about 250 vehicles professionally manufactured left the factory in Hohenfurch.

The conversion kit consists of a tail made ​​of glass reinforced plastic with a steel pipe reinforcement frame, two side windows, convertible top, trunk lid and all necessary small parts such as screws, nuts, hinges etc.

To date, approximately 1700 vehicles of its kind in Europe were admitted, mainly in Germany and France, the homeland of the 2CV. A few vehicles were delivered as far away as Japan or the United States.