Hofgarten (Innsbruck)

The Hofgarten Innsbruck is a nationally protected park in Innsbruck ( Tyrol, Austria ) on the edge of Old Town, adjacent to Imperial Palace, congress house and Tyrolean Provincial Theatre. Since its 600th anniversary around the ten -acre resort learned as gartenstilistische highlights the conversion of floodplain on Renaissance and Baroque garden to the current design in the English landscape style for about 150 years. The last transformation Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell has designed, it was carried out but only four decades later, and much of Sckell'schen proposal to deviate from an unknown master.

Is managed by the Hofgarten Innsbruck Austrian Federal Gardens, a subordinate office of the Ministry of Life.

The courtyard garden is a recreation area in the middle of downtown with an interesting and diverse trees, a pond, a modern children's playground, a palm house and a popular garden restaurant.

For the care of the park, the Hofgarten administration is responsible. It is noteworthy that there are plants in the park, which were planted by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa in person. In the center of the park is a pavilion from 1733, various events - mainly concerts - held, during chess tournaments are held on two oversized chess equipment.

The courtyard garden, a lawn is offered at the children 's playground, since entering the trim lawn is not allowed with respect to its low exercise tolerance.

In the Palm House, a circa 1700 species is presented comprehensive collection of plants, which is basically to visit on weekdays. During temporarily held pictures and sculpture exhibitions in the summer season it can also be visited on weekends.