Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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The Hogeschool van Amsterdam ( HvA ) is a university in Amsterdam. The study is similar to the German technical colleges. Hogeschool van Amsterdam As working closely with the University of Amsterdam, there is the possibility referred to by this in Dutch as HBO ( hoger beroepsonderwijs ) training in the scientific study WO ( wetenschappelijk onderwijs ) to change.

International Study Programmes

These courses are offered for foreign students in English.

  • European School of Physiotherapy
  • International Business and Languages
  • International Business and Management Studies ( voltijd )
  • International Business and Management Studies ( deeltijd )
  • International Degree in English and Education
  • International Financial Management
  • International Management
  • Trade Management Asia
  • Fashion & Style
  • Fashion & Management
  • Fashion & Branding

Major / minor in HvA

Each training includes 240 ECTS. In a year of 60 points must be achieved.

Since 2005-2006, the major / minor principle has been introduced:

  • The major phase consists of a one-year preparatory course. After two years of advanced study adjoining can be achieved 210 of the total of 240 ECTS points.
  • With a minor, the student may select an additional compartment and collect the missing 30 points in the last two years of study. Each Minor training takes half a year.

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam offers about 90 courses on (hbo opleidingen ), spread over 15 institutions / faculties.