Hohen Wangelin

High Wangelin is a municipality in the western part of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is goods with headquarters in the city goods managed by the Office Lakelands (Müritz).


The community Hohen Wangelin is surrounded by the Mecklenburg Lake District between the towns of Waren (Müritz), Krakow am See, Teterow and Malchow. The hilly municipality (up to 102 m above sea level. HN) is rich with forests and lakes. From the lakes of Malkwitzer, the Kraazer, the court and the Orthsee are emphasized. Through this chain of lakes near the hamlet Malkwitz springing mist flows. In the northeastern municipality is the source of the West Peene ( spring lake: Little Lake Liepener ). The south of the district chief Wangelin located in the Natural Park Nossentin / Schwinzer Heath.

At High Wangelin include the districts Cramon, Liepen and Malkwitz.


The original Slavic populated place Hohen Wangelin first appeared in 1319 on a certificate.

The Good Cramon was taken over in 1803 by Malchow Monastery. It was leasehold property with over 1400 ha at the end of the 19th century and large livestock. 1928 took over the Free State of Mecklenburg -Schwerin as the good domain. 1945 was expropriated and placed settled with 16 new farmers families later and then attached to the LPG Gut Hohen Wangelin. The manor house has demolished in 1978, many of the former farm buildings no longer exist. Today, an equestrian facility located in Gutsgelände.

Culture and Attractions

The brick church in Hohen Wangelin dates from the 15th century, in 1868 it got two neo-Gothic portal halls and a new interior. It serves the Evangelical Lutheran church, which is organized in the church district Güstrow.

Also worth seeing is the four- page system of the former Gutsensembles. The farm buildings are located partly in decay, in the former manor house, a guest house and the Savings Bank are housed today.

The club life of the church is supported by the sports club, the volunteer fire department, the Rural Women's Club, the Garden Club and the Riding Club Cramon.

Economy and infrastructure

The infrastructure of the community includes a daycare, doctor's office, a hairdressing salon, a club house as well as two retail companies.

In addition to a development area for homes, a business park was built near the motorway 19 (A 19). This industrial park is home to two Baustoffwerke, a gravel pit and two transit companies ( forwarders ). In 2011, the rest of the business park has been sold with a size of around 16 ha to install photovoltaic systems. For this, the 12 Solum GmbH become a resident of High Wangelin. Built in the first section are around 16 ha in the second section, the former VEG - site (as of about 90 % on July 20, 2012) has been cleared. Here about twelve acres of ground-mounted plants will be built again. Project proponent here is a subsidiary of WEMAG.


Through the eastern municipality performs the national road 108 highways connect the city with high Wangelin Waren (Müritz). The nearest train station is in Silz. The national road 204 runs through Cramon and High Wangelin to the junction Linstow the A 19 A reclassification of the road is planned for 2013, so the current ring road to the provincial road is and the current national road then becomes the town road.

Famous people

The writer and literary critic Peter Jokostra managed from 1935 to 1941 a farm in the district of Liepen.