Hohenmocker is a municipality in the northeast of the county Mecklenburg Lake District. The community is located south of Demmin. It belongs to the Office Demmin country, which has its administrative headquarters in Demmin.


Hohenmocker is located about 14 km southeast of Demmin and 18 km north- west of the Old Treptow. Through this area of ​​Strehlower creek, which opens later in the Leistenower mill in the Augraben flows.


  • Hohenbrünzow
  • Hohenmocker
  • Peeselin
  • Sternfeld
  • Strehlow
  • Tentzerow

In the north, bordering the municipality of Utzedel, to the east by Alt Tellin, in the southeast on Golchen, to the south Gnevkow, on the west by Sarov and to the northwest by Beggerow.


The former municipality Hohenbrünzow was incorporated on 1 June 2004 in the town Hohenmocker.

The Church of Hohenmocker was already mentioned in 1239. From 1728 to 1776 the village was one of Norman cal Lehn. Since 1776 it was as Allodialgut owned by Heinrich Peter Podewils. End of the 18th century Hohenmocker was a farming village with a mother church, these included filial churches in Hohenbüssow and Gnevkow. The villages Peeselin, Hohenbrünzow and Strehlow and the outworks Tentzerow and Buchholz were the parish after Hohenmocker.

Since 1997 the Evangelical Rectory Hohenmocker for the parish Hohenmocker.

The place Peeselin was mentioned in 1237.

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Hohenbrünzow was first mentioned in 1248. The manor which have always been owned by the family of Schwerin. Men on the estates Hohenbrünzow and Strehlow ( pertinence ) was from 1768 the Captain Hans Bogislaw of Schwerin, 1798 the Lieutenant Carl August Bogislaw of Schwerin, 1830 Hennig von Schwerin and from 1858 the landscape advice Wilhelm von Schwerin. The farm had about 650 ha The manor was listed in 1865 in late classical form two floors with nine axes and side stair tower. At the same time its park was designed.

The estate came in 1945 not in the land reform, it was (Good state owned ) and seed company out as VEG. The castle was later operating vocational school for Saatzuchtfachleute after initial placement of refugees. After 1990, the mandatory vacancy.

Strehlow was a pertinence to Good Hohenbünzow with about 400 ha


The near Demmin branching from the B 194 federal road L271 runs through the towns of Sternfeld and Hohenmocker, there branch off the county roads on Hohenbrünzow by Sarov and Tentzerow to Alt Tellin from. The place can be reached from the A20 from junction Anklam ( at Klempenow ) on the main road L35 and L271.

The star field station located on the route Neustrelitz Stralsund (Berliner Northern Railway ) between the villages of Strehlow and Sternfeld.


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  • Renovated church Hohenmocker from the 13th century, with the financial support by the German Foundation for Monument Protection
  • Manor Tentzerow with Lenne Park
  • Manor Park Hohenbrünzow with