Hohenzieritz is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ( Germany ). The community is managed by the Office Neustrelitz country located in the not office belonging Neustrelitz.

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The community Hohenzieritz located on the edge of an end moraine, dealing with heights around 100 m above sea level. NN west of Tollense - glacial valley stretches. The district Prill Witz is located about 70 m deep on the west bank of the Lieps, which is separated by a marshy zone of Tollensee and already belongs to the city of Neubrandenburg. The entire Lieps Shore has been designated as a nature reserve. Other protected areas in the municipality are the nature reserves rosewood and Zippelower stream valley and Ziemenbachtal. Hohenzieritz is about eleven kilometers of each Neustrelitz and town Penzlin.

Community structure

To Hohenzieritz include the districts Prillwitz and Zippelow.


In 1170 the places Hohenzieritz ( " Cyrice " ) and Prill Witz ( " Priulbitz " ) was first mentioned. In the 13th century a castle was built in Prillwitz. Prill Witz was also called as the ' Städeken Prilevitz ". Until around 1300, the villages were in possession of the cathedral chapter to Havel mountain. Thereafter, they were the plaything of history and often changed hands. As feudal lords, the brothers Hermann and Henry of Peckatel, Achim von Heydebreke, Blankenburg, Malt tooth, von Bülow, Behr, Finkh and 1733 Hans Christian Fabian mentioned in ancient writings. Christoph August von Bredow grew after the death of his father with his uncle Asmus Wilhelm von Bredow ( born January 4, 1731 in Prillwitz, † September 18, 1799 in Markau ) on Good Prillwitz on. In the second half of the 18th century, the castle was built and created Hohenzieritz the Hohenzieritzer Park. The places were at this time as " a completed " the feudal lords Adolf Friedrich IV to the Hohenzieritz gave his brother and successor, Charles II. He had the Hohenzieritz 1790 Castle increase and used it as a summer residence. Died here in 1810 his daughter, Queen Louise of Prussia. From 1887 to 1889 " Liepser castle" for Adolf Friedrich V was built in Prillwitz.


  • Palace and Park Hohenzieritz
  • Museum in the forge in Hohenzieritz

The building was built in 1823 by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel and served until 1961 as a blacksmith. Today it houses a local history museum, including a Luis chamber and is staffed by volunteers.

  • Round Church ( former castle church) in Hohenzieritz

This building was built in 1806 Duke Charles II built by order. F. W. Dunkelberg carried out the order. The entrance is decorated with a triangular pediment and Doric half-columns.

  • Krug building

The pitcher building was also built in 1804 by FW Dunkelberg.

  • Castle Hill Prillwitz

In Prill Witz, a small town right on the Lieps, there are several historic buildings and archaeological monuments. On the one hand there are in the Lieps more populated islands in the Slavic period. In this area, one suspects the legendary Slavic sanctuary Rethra. On the other hand there is the Prillwitzer hunting lodge, today with restaurant and accommodation right on the Lieps. The hunting lodge is nestled in a reconstructed landscape park since April 2009. Furthermore, the interiors of the manor are worth seeing. Directly on the village cemetery is a huge early German Castle Hill. In winter and spring you can already see from afar whose enormous proportions. Above the complex there are the remains of the field stone foundation. The plant was built just after the Slavs in the 13th century and has a surface extent of 50 by 70 meters. The floor plan is approximately square.

  • Hunting Prillwitz (also: Liepser castle ) Island Kietz Werder in the Lieps at Prillwitz
  • Prillwitzer Church

The original brick building dates from the Middle Ages, was rebuilt in 1730 as a half-timbered and 1893 a tower in neo-Gothic style. A Garter adorns the main entrance.

  • Chapel of the Good Shepherd

The band donated the owner of the hunting lodge. It was built according to plans by the Berlin architects warrior Mielke from more than 100 years old brick stone in 2011.

Partner community

  • Schülp b. Nortorf in the district of Rendsburg -Eckernförde in Schleswig -Holstein

Transport links

After Hohenzieritz can be reached via Peckatel on the B 192 or Blumenholz on the B 96 There are good road connections to the surrounding towns Neubrandenburg, Penzlin, Neustrelitz and Waren (Müritz). The approximately twelve kilometers to the train station in Neustrelitz is located at the distance between Berlin and Rostock. From there Hohenzieritz is accessible by public transport.

Sons and daughters


  • Henning August von Bredow (1774-1832), Mecklenburg- strelitzscher chief forester, Prussian district administrator and landowner, winemaker and oenologist Saxon
  • Eva Rechlin (1928-2011), German writer