Hohneck (Vosges)

The crashes of Hohneck to Wormspelkessel in the southeast

The Hohneck is 1,363 meters above sea level on the Grand Ballon (1424 m ) and the Stork head ( 1366 m), the third highest mountain in the Vosges.

Location and characteristics of

The Hohneck is located on the border between Alsace and Lorraine in the east, the highest point he is. It is located in the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges.

The mountain shows a clear subalpine character; its rocky slopes exceeding the normal dimensions for a low mountain range. In particular, the terminating to the north, east and south flanks offer spectacular scenery impressions by overhanging snow cornices and avalanches can certainly constitute " alpine" dangers, especially in winter.

The famous Vosges ridge road route of Crètes leads west around the mountain. From there branches off a branch road on the summit. The Hohneck is the highest attainable by car point of the Vosges.

Fauna and Flora

Many alpine plants thrive on its treeless slopes. The meadows of Hohneck one finds also the remains of Pleistocene fauna. With a little luck you can observe chamois on the slopes of Hohneck.


The Hohneck is a popular hiking destination with a panoramic view of the mountains of the Hautes-Vosges and in the Upper Rhine Plain, emperor chair and the Black Forest to the east, the Swiss and French Alps to the south and into Lorraine cuesta west. The GR 5 via its summit. At the summit is a hut with restaurant and kiosk. At Petit Hohneck and at the Col de la gorge are ski lifts. The walk-in only if there's snow couloirs on the north side are a popular well into the spring (training) goal for Alpine tour goers and extreme skiers. On the south side of the north upstream, from the main summit by the Col du Falimont ( 1306 m) separated Vorgipfels is the high traffic of climbers, up to 80 meters high granite wall Martin.