Holikachuk people

Holikachuk (also Innoko, Organized Village of Grayling, Innoka - khotana, Tlëgon - khotana ) are Athabaskan Native from western Alaska. Their native territory includes the area around the middle and upper Innoko River. Later, in 1963, they moved to Grayling, Yukon.

The Holikachuk call themselves Doogh Hit'an ( IPA: [ toʁhət'an ] ). The name Holikachuk is derived from the name (in the language Holikachuk ) a village in the original Holikachuk territory.

The Holikachuk been neglected by anthropologists, which resulted in low documentation ( both published and unpublished ). In the past they were falsely (or convenience ) grouped with the Koyukon.

The neighbors of Holikachuk are the Yupik ( Eskimo ) and Koyukon, in the east the Koyukon, in the south and in the west the Kolchan Deg Xinag in the north.

The culture of Holikachuk is similar to most of the Deg Xinag.


The language Holikachuk is the most endangered language in today's Alaska with only 12 remaining speakers. Your next of kin is Koyukon. Holikachuk is a member of the Northern Athabaskan languages.