Holiness movement

Under Holiness is understood in the broader sense, a Christian revivalist movement of modern times. She puts a strong emphasis that their followers had experienced a "real " conversion and direct their lives according to the ethical precepts of Christianity, and sinless life as possible. Specifically found that, depending on the circumstances of the times, expressed in emphasis from evangelism, diakonia, charity, abstinence and practical sanctification.

Roots of Holiness

One of the first Heiligungsbewegungen was Methodism. Also, the awakened or radical Pietism ( Gottfried Arnold) is assigned to this direction. Other churches that are expected to Holiness, the Salvation Army, the Churches of Christ, the Church of the Nazarene, the community for Christ and Switzerland are the Evangelical Society of the Canton of Bern. Particular influence on these developments had especially the book The higher Christian Life by William Edwin Boardman (1810-1886) and the couple Michael Baxter (1834-1910) and Elizabeth Baxter née Foster, (1837-1926), which later became the pastoral - nursing home and Beth- Shan in London took over. Baxter also edited the magazine, The Christian Herald. Franz Eugen Schlachter lived with his trip to England in 1884 to Mr. and Mrs. Baxter.

Influential personalities of Holiness

In the strict sense of the term within the biography of Franz Eugen Schlachter for the third wave of holiness to 1874/1875 in England, Germany and Switzerland is needed. It is the work of Robert Pearsall Smith (1827-1898) and his wife Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) meant here. The Holiness occurred in all awakened circles of pietism, the Protestant Churches and the Free Churches. Key persons were next to Robert Pearsall Smith Arnold Bovet, Andrew Murray, Carl Heinrich Rappard and Dora Rappard, Otto Stockmayer, Ernst Gebhardt, but also DL Moody, Ira Sankey, David, Anna von Franz Eugen Schlachter Wattenwyl and later. Also the song of the Heiligungbewegung " Jesus saves me now " is known. Although he belongs to the group of municipalities that are called Open Brethren, here is also the orphanage father Georg Müller and the founder of the China Inland Mission, Hudson Taylor to call, or in China due to Watchman Nee.