Holland Car

Holland Car was an Ethiopian automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Addis Ababa. Founded as the Holland Car PLC in 2005 as a joint venture between the Dutch company Trento Engineering BV (share: 50%, headquartered in Sittard ) and the Ethiopian company Ethio -Holland PLC ( Amharic ሐበሻ ኔዘርላንድ, Häbäša Nezärland ) Percentage: 50 %; Headquarters in Addis Ababa. Due to the relatively high prices for Africa, most vehicles were sold in the Netherlands.

The joint venture resulted from the provision of production facilities and personnel from the Trento Engineering BV. Ethio -Holland, however, had their advantage in the local market knowledge, and an already established sales network.

First car of Holland Car was the notchback sedan DOCC 1600 cc, which is built under license from the Italian company Fiat and enjoys great popularity in Ethiopia. The car is technically based on the Fiat 131 and largely corresponds to the version that was available as Tofaş Şahin in Turkey to 2002. The second model, the ABAY 1292 cc, came two years later on the market. This was a more modern and luxurious midsize sedan under license from the Chinese manufacturer Lifan.

2008 pickup manufacturing was opened in Tatek, were manufactured in the pickups under license by Lifan branded Cassiopeia. At the last company presentation of this work was no longer mentioned.

2008 was General Manager Tadesse Tessema Alemu Eng to Africa's Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Award ( SMMA ) is awarded, which is only awarded to the top 25 companies in Africa. Holland Car was on the fifth place. In the evaluation of the Dutch government for Dutch companies abroad, which also took place in 2008, Holland Car got second place allotted a total of 70

In the summer of 2009 ran as a joint venture with JAC Motors for the vehicle trio Tekeze, Abay Executive and Awash Executive ( named after the river Awash ) the production of. In 2010, Holland Car received the award of best overseas work of JAC.

In November 2012, the magazine Capital Ethiopia announced the insolvency of the company. Previously, the bank, the Zemen Bank had terminated all loans outstanding due to interest payments. After all the efforts have failed to find investors, the company went bankrupt.


  • The accounting and sales was in the Getu Commercial Center and TK International Building in Addis Ababa
  • The main work was in Modjo, 65 km south of Addis Ababa

Model Overview

  • License production taken over by a Fiat Tofaş
  • License production of Lifan
  • License production of a JAC