Holldorf is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Stargarder country located in the town of Burg Stargard. Since 1990, the population has more than doubled.


Holldorf located about nine kilometers south of Neubrandenburg and three kilometers south of Burg Stargard. The municipality is located on a Endmoränenkette east of Tollense.

Community structure


  • Ballwitz
  • Holldorf
  • Rowa


In the list of monuments in Holldorf registered in the list of monuments of the circle Mecklenburg Lake monuments can be found.

  • Village ensemble Ballwitz - is considered one of the most beautiful villages of Mecklenburg
  • Feldsteinkirche Rowa

Village church Rowa

Tree Drilling in Rowaer Forestry

Transport links

The Federal Highway 96 runs west of the community.