Holm Pinder

Holm Pinder (right) wearing the jersey of Sachsen Leipzig

Holm Pinder ( born March 21, 1971) is a former German football player.

Playing career

From the Oberliga FC Sachsen Leipzig, for the Holm Pinder had played Chemie Leipzig in East Germany as a player of BSG, the defensive player was in 1994 relegated Bundesliga VfB Leipzig, where he came to regular operations in the 2nd Bundesliga.

In 1997, about a league rivals in the second league, FSV Zwickau. With Zwickau he increased in 1998 in the Northeast Regional from. During the winter break 1999/ 00 he went back to VfB Leipzig, who played in the meantime also in the Regionalliga. At the end of the season, VfB rose, now with Pinder as a player, even in the NOFV- Oberliga Süd. He was also able to fight for a regular place in the team.

In 2002, he signed a contract with the ambitious ZFC Meuselwitz, who played at that time in the national league Thuringia. In Meuselwitz he was team captain and was able in 2004 to celebrate the promotion to the NOFV- Oberliga Süd. In January 2007, he moved surprisingly for SV Schmölln in the national league Thuringia to leave it there finish under head coach André Barylla, with whom he played in Zwickau, his career. After half a year he left Schmölln again and returned to the ZFC Meuselwitz, where he was hired as an assistant coach. On the 2nd Round of the 2007/08 season he completed again one last game for his team.

Coaching career

During his active career was Holm Pinder youth coach at ZFC Meuselwitz. Since end of his career as a player Pinder assistant coach in Meuselwitz and coach was the second team of the club until he ended his activities in 2009. Since May 2011 Pinder is head coach of the Regional Team of the ZFC Meuselwitz.