Holm, Pinneberg

Holm is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in the south of Schleswig-Holstein.

Geography and transport

In the eastern area of ​​the municipality is the recreation area Holmer sand mountains, west of the Holm begins Elbmarsch.

About the directly passing through Holm federal highway 431 connecting the community except to Wedel et al to the next largest cities Uetersen and Hamburg ( cracks ) (both 7 km), Pinneberg and Tornesch (each 10 km) is guaranteed. In Wedel is connected to the S- Bahn Hamburg. Three bus lines connect spar with the S-Bahn station in Wedel, more buses go to Norderstedt Mitte, to Uetersen and to Elmshorn.


In a document dated April 29, 1255 Holm was first mentioned. In the centuries different spellings were used for the village of Holm: Holne, Hollen and Holling.

Holm is on Ox Trail, an old military road that was used to ox drifting. Since the early 15th century, huge herds of Jutland were driven over Holm to Wedel.

A village school is demonstrated in Holm for 1708. In 1716, 80 children went to school in the winter, in the summer they were used in the field and garden work. Compulsory education - against school fees - was only from 7 to 10 years of age. After the children had to attend to the age of 13 in the winter two days the catechism and in the winter before the confirmation again daily lessons.

The volunteer fire department Holm was founded on April 1, 1890.


Of the 17 seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the municipal election 2008 13 seats and the SPD four.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In one of twisted red, Bronze Age gold bangle. In the front Obereck a golden oak leaf in the rear a golden ear. "

Culture and sights

Holm has its own local history museum, in which, among other things, a shoemaker's workshop and furnishings and documents from private homes, schools and public facilities are issued. The museum is housed in a 1700s Gulf - stand house, which was moved mid-19th century to the present location.

Ecclesiastical Community Center

Built in 1971 the church community center is part of the North Elbe Evangelical Lutheran Church, the church at Roland, Wedel, in the parish of Blankenese. Here services are held.

Other Facilities

  • NDR measuring and receiving station Wittmoor