Territory of the Holy Roman Empire

Holstein - Rendsburg is the name of an existing 1290-1459 line of Schauenburger.

Formation and destruction of County

The Schauenburger prevailed in Holstein since 1110/1111. When in 1290 Count Gerhard I died of Holstein- Itzehoe, its share of Holstein and Stormarn was before 1295 divided into three parts. It emerged as the counties of Holstein - Plön, Holstein - Pinneberg and Holstein - Rendsburg.

The counts listed below reigned and the last Count of Holstein - Rendsburg Adolf VIII died 1459th The Schauenburger lines were almost extinct, only the line - Holstein Pinneberg still existed, it was Count Otto II ( Schaumburg ). However, this could not enforce his right to inherit on Holstein and Stormarn.

In his place was the 1460 King Christian I of Denmark, a nephew of Adolf VIII, which he had brought to the Danish throne, elected as the new ruler of the Duchy of Schleswig Holstein and the county.

Count of Holstein - Rendsburg

The following Counts ruled Holstein - Rendsburg and Holstein:

  • Schleswig -Holstein nobility
  • House Schauenburg
  • Empire County
  • Holstein