Holy Man

The Guru is an American film released in 1998. He is a parody of the movie Network from 1976.


The film is about a spiritually predisposed man who just G calls himself and his fellow man brings good. One day G runs randomly two professionals from the advertising industry ( Ricky and Kate ) on the way. You learn oddly enough on the highway know as Ricky is about to mount the spare wheel on his car because of a breakdown. You say goodbye, Ricky puts the car in the wrong gear and can brake just before G who looks averted the situation, taking faints. He comes to a hospital. But the very next day he shows up at the TV studio in order to thank Ricky and Kate, because they took him to the doctor. G even speaks blithely of two ladies who 're at it, wash - balls for sale live in the TV advertising. Now it is time for Ricky to get rid of him. However, this seems to be difficult, because emerging as Kate, G is asked by Kate to stay with her until the medical reports are completed and show whether G goes well and he can continue his pilgrimage. Ricky is obviously against it, because he fell in love secretly Kate and does not like it when G is with her.

At work it is serious for Ricky because his boss wants to fire him if the sales figures should not increase within two weeks.

He organized a party, invites influential people, so that he can win for promotional purposes. For the celebration of Kate emerges with Scott Hawkes, a jaded advertising agents, and as G, which should remain in his room actually appear among the guests, he is introduced by Ricky necessarily. G even hypnotized one of the most important guest who has a fear of flying. Here, Ricky comes to the idea that G could be good for TV advertising policy. Also, can the G Rolex by Scott Hawkes with a party trick, "disappear" the so-called Rolex Disappear Trick, which in turn Scott not amused. But miraculously, he has his clock back on the wrist, just as he wants to move G to account.

The next day, Ricky learns that the potential customer who was hypnotized at the party, have a good flight home had and was able to overcome his fears regarding the flights. He gave birth to a major advertising contract, and now he asks G to work for him, and thereby to make people happy in the TV. G wants to know Ricky, whether it would be important for him even when he appears in the TV advertising. After some hesitation, he admits that it is so, and in return requires G just that Ricky goes to middle of the day into the sea, to run around with him in the water.

Gs first day in the TV studio begins. And he shall bring bowls to the people. But on command and with prescribed texts, he can not do anything. So he goes around briefly into the next studio where cosmetic products are sold. A power -operated DIY face tensioner is being presented. G intervenes into the action and takes over the show in an amusing way. Now the garden furniture is in the next stall turn. G makes with the chainsaw from the things kindling, and Ricky is furious, because he believes that G wants to sabotage it.

It comes, as it had come, the next morning Ricky is released if not for Kate, who just in time to submit the caller yesterday's numbers. The boss must now be convinced that they manage to earn more profit, and ask them, and also get one last chance.

McBainbridge, head of the TV station, the man will have strong by his side, negotiated secretly with Scott Hawkes, so that he, if Ricky and Kate fail, someone special on his side. However Gs sales show proposes a. The sales figures rise, the TV channels and G are popular, people love G, and exactly like everything not Hawkes. He will eventually be by all means head of the TV station and does everything it can to harm others who stand in his way. He searches frantically for the identity of G, but this proves to be difficult. He even goes so far as to let him search by profile with reward.

Apparently Hawkes has struck it rich. He presents Gs wife and his six children, who apparently had left the "Holy G". At the press conference the woman packs, wears on that G she and the children left just so. However, when she sees G who comes to her and hears the devastating journalists' questions, she gets remorse and makes the situation clear. Hawkes had given her $ 5,000, so they lied to the public. Unfortunately, Hawkes stands at the press conference, and when the woman identified him, he has no chance to escape.

The sales show on TV continues and G steals the show. Even can sell what nobody wants to actually have. People are impressed by him and buy everything it offers. I like McBainbridge and he tells Ricky to take G under contract.

Gradually, however, get Kate and Ricky remorse, because G is exploited by them and the TV station; Kate zerstreitet even with Ricky and goes.

Ricky asks G, but not to do the show and asks him to go his way. He tells him the truth about everything, even that he wanted it only when TV channels in order to make yourself career. Ricky knew his human side and made ​​sure that G is not exploited by the TV station. Since G does not want to moderate the sale show, Ricky must do this. He even finds the right words to appease the audience and also his boss. Kate, who has followed Ricky's message of love on television, appeared on the television studio and both are reconciled again.

Finally, G is sent to the place on the highway where he had Kate and Ricky met. The three people say goodbye to each other cordially and G goes further on his pilgrimage.


  • Filmdienst 11/1999: Harmless comedy that tentative approaches to social criticism with a tiresome conventional love story glossed over.

Film songs

  • Pearl's Girl - Posted by: Richard Smith, Karl Hyde, Darren Emerson, Played by: Underworld
  • Money - Written by Andrew Dorfman, Played by Andrew Dorfman, Wendy Bremer
  • Sparkling Brass - Written by Malcolm Lockyer, Played by Malcolm Lockyer
  • Running from Jamaica - Written by Ansel Cridland, Played by: The Meditations
  • Lazy Latin - Written by Malcolm Lockyer, Played by Malcolm Lockyer
  • Manic position - Written by Dominic Glynn, Played by Dominic Glynn
  • The Syncopated Clock - Written by: Leroy Anderson
  • Oye - Posted by: Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan Jr. Randall Barlow, Angie Chirino, Played by Gloria Estefan
  • Prologue - Written by Loreena McKennitt, Played by: Loreena McKennitt
  • Do not you worry ' bout a thing - Written by Stevie Wonder, Played by Stevie Wonder