Holzbach (Diemel)


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The Wood Creek is a five-kilometer, orographic left tributary of the Diemel in the Hessian community Diemelsee in Germany.


The Wood Creek rises about 1.4 kilometers southwest of Ottlar, right on the county road to Rattlar to about 564 m above sea level. NN. Before therefrom the creek flows primarily in north-eastern directions. After flowing through the already mentioned locality Ottlar the stream flows around a loop in the Haardt before it a little later to 376 m above sea level. NN left side opens into the Diemel. The mouth is just about 200 meters south of the Diemel Lake and about 1.4 kilometers northwest of Giebringhausen.

In its five-kilometer long path of Bach overcomes a difference in altitude of about 188 meters. This corresponds to an average bed slope of 37.6 ‰. It drains a 6,579 square kilometer catchment area over Diemel and Weser to the North Sea.