Holzbach (Emscher)

Wood Creek below the pigeon pond


The Wood Creek rises south of Westerholt at an altitude of 72 m above sea level. NN. First, the stream flows in a northeasterly direction. After about 300 m stretch of river the creek flows through the pigeon pond at the southern edge of Westerholt. Then, the timber Bach used in a wide arc to the southeast. After about another kilometer stretch of river reaches of the creek Resse, which he wraps around the eastern outskirts of the village.

In the southeast of the Resse Wood Creek crosses under the Federal Highway 2 Here it is from the left, the water of the brook Resser (6.0 km, 13.27 km ² - the Wood Creek has up to this point 12.12 km ² ), a district in the eastern Hertener thistles sprung Bach. The Resser Bach was formerly an independent tributary of the River Emscher, the, timber creek east parallel, roughly the city limits of Herten for east adjacent Recklinghausen along flowed. He has but to the west, to Wood Creek, now diverted to the dump Hoheward north around. His former underflow means Schellbruch ditch.

In his opening run of the wood river now flows primarily in a southerly direction and then flows north-west of Unser Fritz at 39 m above sea level. NN on the right side in the Emscher.

With a height difference of 33 meters, the average bed slope of the wood creek is 4.5 ‰. The 30.25 km ² large catchment area is drained by the rivers Emscher and the Rhine to the North Sea.