Home port

The home port, Eng. homeport or port of registry, a ship is the place where the ship is registered in a register of ships out there.

A ship does not necessarily begin sometime this port. In particular, vessels flying the flag of a single country, are to often not able to. Also, by flagging there are ships that were never seen in her home port. However, fishing vessels must carry a reference to the home port of the fishing license plate.


For example, is under the sail training ship Gorch Fock of the German navy as a military ship of the Naval Academy at Flensburg Mürwik, home port, however, is the Schleswig-Holstein state capital Kiel. It is controlled by the Gorch Fock after several months of training trips repeatedly to regular inspections and repair jobs; addition of the tall ships occasionally results in windjammer meeting the Kieler Woche sailors parade in home port and is available on certain days of the population visit to an on-board visit available. Through such actions, the term home port for crew, visitors and ship receives far beyond the purely administrative task of registration beyond meaning.