As a class teacher or form teacher in Austria and Bavaria class conductor ( often Klass conductor ) is defined as a teacher holding the line a school class. The exact responsibilities of the class teacher are usually regulated in the school laws of the countries.

When in high school or in the course level ( 12th and 13th grade or 11th and 12th at twelve years of education ) is no longer taught in class, takes the place of the class teacher, a tutor, sometimes called the guidance counselor or college ladder.


The class teacher is the first contact of the students and parents for all school-related issues, which go beyond the content of the individual subjects.

Thus, the class teacher is usually responsible for:

  • Control of compulsory education ( apologies ), leaves of absence to two days, and educational and disciplinary measures
  • Creation of certificates
  • Discussion of interim and annual certificates of education and training, and the displacement hazards with students and parents
  • Connection between school and parents
  • Passing the class register the class
  • Contact for other teachers in class matters
  • Sometimes the line ( Chair) and convening a class conference and the report conferences (but sometimes, for example in Bavaria, this is done by the school principal or a staff member )
  • Coordination of existing regulations (eg homework scope, disciplinary action ) with specialist teachers
  • Support the class Student Council and Parents'
  • Organization of school trips
  • Management of the class funds (sometimes also the task of class president )
  • Dispute settlement
  • School-specific areas, such as Project Days, days of hiking, preparation and review of operating and Social Internships


The class teacher has sometimes an alternate. The class teacher may be in a different class of deputies of the local class teacher.

In rare cases, a class can have two completely equal classroom teachers.


In some school laws, such as the Baden- Württemberg, lacks a definition for the class teacher. Although generally taken for granted, does not have a class teacher each class. Similarly, obligations and rights are not always defined in the Education Act.