Homogeneity (disambiguation)

Homogeneity (Greek homoios for equal and conditions for fundraising ) stands for:

  • Homogeneity, a substance whose nature is on the location independently
  • Homogeneity ( economic ) goods at a uniform demand preferences has
  • Homogeneity (sociology), groups of people, which in certain areas of the same properties

The adjective is homogeneous in mathematics for:

  • Homogeneous elements, elements in a graduated property, located in the same part of graduate
  • Homogeneous function, a function that is changed by a power of a factor by which to change the arguments
  • Homogeneous equation, an equation whose right side is zero
  • Homogeneous coordinates, particular (n 1) -dimensional coordinates for an n -dimensional space
  • Homogeneous Markov chain, a Markov chain whose transition matrices do not change over time
  • Homogeneous operation, a generalization of transitive group actions
  • Homogeneous polynomial, is a polynomial, in which all the monomers from which it is made to have the same degree
  • Homogeneous space, a topological space, depending on the two dotted topological spaces are isomorphic.
  • Homogeneous relation, a relation that coincide with the pre-and Nachmenge
  • Homogeneous numbers, numbers are made ​​up of the same prime factors

And in science and technology for:

  • Homogeneous field, a field with location-independent field strength
  • Homogeneous structure, in materials science, the nature of the structural constituents in terms of spatial arrangement of its components
  • Homogeneous catalysis, a chemical reaction, the catalyst and the reactants in the same phase are
  • Homogeneous charge compression ignition engine concept in which the combustion of a homogeneous mixture begins throughout the combustion chamber at the same time

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