Homogenic is the third studio album by Icelandic singer Björk.


It was built within a year in Ibiza. In contrast to previous albums Björk Homogenic sets in rather string arrangements, which originate from the Brazilian jazz musician Eumir Deodato. They are joined as well as on Post and Vespertine various electronic trip-hop or techno beats with folk accordion tones. All this creates soundscapes with whom Björk wanted especially her native Iceland to hold musical. This project will Visually is in the music video for the song Jóga. The violins symbolize the far -expanding Icelandic landscapes, while rugged Beats stand for erupting volcanoes. Connected to these musical experiments by the sometimes sentimental, sometimes powerful voice of Björk. The result is a kind of mixture whose energy especially in the song Bachelorette is felt.

It reached gold status in the U.S. and the UK. In France, Homogenic was honored for more than 500,000 records sold with double platinum.

Title list


  • Jóga (9/ 97)
  • Bachelorette (12/ 97)
  • Hunter (3/ 98)
  • Alarm Call ( 10/98 )
  • All Is Full Of Love (6/ 99)
  • Album ( Pop )
  • Album 1997
  • Music ( Iceland )
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