Homogyne alpina

Alpine Brandlattich ( Homogyne alpina)

The Alpine - Brandlattich ( Homogyne alpina), also known as Green Alpenlattich, is a species of the genus Brandlattich ( Homogyne ) in the sunflower family ( Asteraceae).


The Alpine - Brandlattich is a perennial plant that reaches the plant height of 10 to 40 centimeters. The rootstock is creeping and wooly - scaly. The stem is erect, reddish-brown single-headed and often. He is hairy silvery- woolly, verkahlt later and usually has 2 small shed leaves on. The leaves are basal, long-petiolate, leathery, coarse and glossy dark green, the underside is lighter. The leaf blade is heart- kidney-shaped.

The baskets have a diameter up to 25 mm. The bracts are single breasted, brown-red overcrowded and hairy woolly at the base. The flowers are reddish and longer than the Basket Case, the corners are purple. The fruits have a long hair crown.

Bloom time is from May to August.


The Alpine - Brandlattich comes in the mountains Südmitteleuropas ago at altitudes of 500 to 3,000 meters. The species grows on moist, humus-rich, mossy soil in coniferous forests, bushes and dwarf shrubs. It is common to find.

Similar Species

The similar Felt Brandlattich ( Homogyne discolor) differs by the lower side white, felty leaves.


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