Homokbödöge is a municipality in the small area Papa, situated in Veszprém county in Hungary.


Homokbödöge is in the Bakony in western Hungary. Nearby are the villages Nagytevel, Adásztevel and Ugod. The small town of Papa is about 11 km away. Through the town of Bach Oreg - sed, which south of the community rises and flows into the river Marcal Marcaltö flows. The urban area covers about 12 km ², of which about two thirds is forest.


The town has public facilities such as schools and libraries, as well as overnight accommodation for tourists. In addition, there are three churches in Homokbödöge.


  • Evangelical Church, built in 1779, late Baroque
  • Reformed Church, built in 1784, late Baroque
  • Roman Catholic Church Szent Imre herceg, built 1832-37

Transport links

The village lies on the road between Papa and Ugod. In about 1 km away Ugod there is a passenger and freight depot. The nearest airport is Budapest ( distance about 120 km).