HomoloGene is a service of the National Center for Biotechnology Information ( NCBI), which gives information about whether and what homologies exist for a particular gene in other species. The processing of search queries is automatic and is a relatively reliable tool to analyze relationships of genes of different species.


The search engine is required for only the input of an amino acid sequence, this is first examined using the BLASTp system and compared in terms of homology criteria. The input sequence is then trimmed with already known UniGene clusters.

The output of HomoloGene uses a tree structure in which the organisms are sorted from highest to lowest homology / orthology. The degree of homology is determined primarily on the basis of so-called conserved sequences. HomoloGene here uses the CDART technology, which is also part of the BLAST tools.

In addition to previously known genes are calculated using an algorithm ortho- or homologous sequences, which in turn are aligned with the nucleotide sequences stored in UniGene.

Supported among others species

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